Trinity Hospice

Trinity Hospice (“Trinity”), headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest hospice care providers in the United States. In contrast to traditional medical care, which is “curative” in nature, hospice care focuses on “palliative” treatment, which attempts to manage terminally ill patient’s physical pain in addition to addressing the emotional and spiritual needs of both the patient and their family. Trinity does not own or operate healthcare facilities, but rather focuses its resources on providing services to patients in their primary residence, which is generally the patient’s home, but may also be an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. Trinity’s dedicated professionals strive to make sure that both patients and their loved ones receive services tailored to their individual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. In doing so, Trinity has developed a highly scalable operating model that maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of caregiver scheduling, administration of pharmaceuticals and procurement of durable medical equipment, giving patients the most consistent, highest quality service possible. Trinity is reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.

Date of Realization:  September 2006

Industry Sector:  Healthcare Services

Fund: II