Trafficware, headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, is a leading provider of innovative hardware and software solutions for arterial traffic management.  The company is a “one-stop-shop” for proprietary, integrated hardware (traffic cabinets, stand-alone controllers and other peripherals) and software products that allow users to control traffic through intelligent systems.  Trafficware developed and manufactures a leading edge wireless traffic detection system and is in process of developing additional innovative detection systems that can be used at intersections in place of traditional in-ground loop detectors.  The company’s arterial management systems are used by municipalities and state departments of transportation.  Additionally, Trafficware develops and sells traffic flow simulation software through its “SynchroSuite” product line that is used by traffic engineers and consultants across North America.

Date of Realization: October 2018

Industry Sector:  Transportation Services & Logistics

Fund: IV