The Tensar Corporation

The Tensar Corporation (“Tensar”), located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a technology-driven solutions provider of specialty products, technologies and services used in the cost-effective site development of commercial, residential, industrial and municipal properties as well as in transportation and environmental infrastructure. The company specializes in site development solutions for common earthwork applications such as grade changes requiring retaining walls, and poor foundation conditions affecting the cost of roadways, parking lots or buildings.

Tensar manufactures and markets engineered polymeric georgics and foundation systems and erosion control blankets used in construction applications including soil stabilization and earth retention. Through a series of patented applications, Tensar’s systems provide substantial construction cost savings while enhancing structural properties, such as strength and durability, in each of its applications. Over the course of the last 20 years, Tensar geogrids  have become widely  recognized in the civil  engineering community as the specified  material  of choice  in complex  construction projects  where  costly  or difficult soil stabilization conditions impact both the contractor’s installation costs and the engineer’s  exposure to long-term liability. Tensar also produces a line of lightweight netting and mesh products used in specialized structural consumer product applications (non-construction).

Date of Realization:  November 2005

Industry Sector:  Construction Material & Services

Fund: I