PAS Technologies

PAS Technologies (“PAS”), headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is a leading provider of innovative engine and airframe component repairs, advanced coating solutions, and new part manufacturing for the commercial and military aerospace, industrial gas turbine, and oil and gas markets.  PAS’ capabilities allow it to provide industry-leading customer service through the integration of repair, machining, coating and other specialty processes that provide its customers “One-Stop-Shop” repair and new part manufacturing capabilities.  PAS’ portfolio of proprietary and original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) licensed repairs extend the life of components that are costly to replace and thereby reduce the customer’s overall cost of ownership for critical components.  PAS’ expertise in specialty coatings adds value to components and systems used in a variety of harsh applications that require product performance in high-wear, high-heat and highly corrosive environments.

Date of Realization: May 2017

Industry Sector:  Aerospace, Defense & Government Services

Fund: IV