NCTI, headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, is the leading third-party provider of distance learning, corporate training and workforce performance tools to the broadband cable industry.  The Company develops training courses which are purchased directly by cable companies (not the employee/student) and that are meant to provide supplemental training to what is provided in-house by the cable companies.  As the technology continues to change, NCTI is regularly updating portions of its material and developing new courses in order to remain a value-added service provider to the cable industry. Specifically, the cable industry is evolving from a single focus of distributing traditional television programming to a multi-media broadband platform delivering on-demand video, data and telephone services.  NCTI is well positioned to take advantage of this increased demand for and technical complexity of bundled information, communications and entertainment services.

Date of Realization:  November 2005

Industry Sector:  Education and Training (not a sector of focus currently)

Fund: I