Inventus Power

Inventus Power (“Inventus”), headquartered outside of Chicago, Illinois is the industry’s leading provider of fully integrated, custom engineered rechargeable power systems, focused on low to medium volume products for mission critical electronic applications.  Driven by the continued proliferation of sophisticated technology devices requiring rechargeable batteries, specifically lithium-ion batteries, the rechargeable power systems market continues to expand rapidly to meet the needs of emerging device applications.

The Company designs and manufactures products across three major categories: Integrated Battery Solutions, Charger Solutions and Power Supplies. Inventus’ combined capabilities address three of the industry’s primary needs: (i) a single-source for multiple power system needs with a core focus on lithium-ion technology; (ii) comprehensive in-house design and engineering capabilities to serve the increasingly complex needs of customers; and (iii) a fully integrated global footprint that offers customers the benefit of a well-managed supply chain for operations across the world.  Approximately 95% of Inventus’ products are customized, requiring a high degree of front-end design and engineering that is unmet by any competitor in the industry.  Inventus currently serves customers across highly diverse key end-markets, such as Medical, Data Collection and Communication, Data Server and Storage, Energy and Power, and Prosumer, each of whom partners with the Company and values its ability to consistently design and develop integrated custom solutions.

Industry Sector:  Industrials/Specialty Manufacturing

Services: Integrated battery solutions, charger solutions and power supplies

Fund: IV