ATI Holdings, Inc.

ATI Holdings, Inc. (“ATI”), headquartered outside of Chicago, Illinois,  is a provider of outpatient physical therapy,  providing premium-quality rehabilitation services to a wide variety  of patients,  with  an emphasis  on care for injured  industrial workers. ATI’s comprehensive approach to therapy and proven treatment techniques combine the most effective elements of physical therapy, exercise physiology and athletic training. This treatment methodology incorporates traditional physical therapy, sports medicine and weight training to create unique programs designed to return patients to the levels of functionality they possessed prior to their injuries, resulting in superior outcomes and high patient satisfaction. ATI’s differentiated approach to therapy, geographic focus, well-appointed facilities and outstanding clinical professionals have allowed ATI to generate more patient visits per clinic and realize higher margins than most other successful outpatient physical therapy clinics.

Date of Realization:  March 2010

Industry Sector:  Healthcare Services

Fund: III