Accellent, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is a market-leading provider of outsourced precision manufacturing and engineering services to the medical device industry. The Company is focused on, and has built strong relationships with, the leading companies in the medical device industry in the cardiovascular, endoscopy and orthopedic end markets. Accellent is a preferred supplier to its customers of design and engineering, precision component manufacturing, device assembly and supply chain management services. Extensive resources are focused on providing customers reliable, high quality, cost-efficient and integrated outsourced solutions. The Company often becomes the sole supplier of manufacturing and engineering services for the products provided to its customers. Accellent helps accelerate its customers’ products to market by (a) assuming complete supply chain management for their customers thereby lowering their manufacturing costs, and (b) enabling their customers to focus on their core competencies, including research, sales and marketing.

Date of Realization: November 2005

Industry Sector:  Medical Devices

Fund: I